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thanks for letting me record your 10 hour homologue i am now combing through it with the rest of da fbi to see if we can bring you up on charges

I flaked on you cuz i heard you talkin shit on antifa. You said they are rich kids and sons and daughter of the liberal judges and lawyers of the system. Muh dad is a lawyer how dare you. also muh fat bitch dropped off muh kid I had to babysit my niglet it was an emergency

good news bros! after trumptards seiged the capitol, homeland security got more fundingand i got muh job back. im back on the case investigating you gaymon say something incriminating this time or i will get a new assignment

rabbi logsden is drunk and high all the time and wont pay attention to me, thats why i follow you around gaymon! throw me a creatard bone!

cant do shows til next week bro ive been driving around in muh mask looking for another job. i talk a big game but then I put on muh mask and serve greasy jew slop cause I need money to pay my bookies. show next week!

nice site glad to see yer resisiting! i nominate gaymamzer for aryan of the year. stay 3rd position dont be too hard on christ insanity if they attack the joos! damn im out of bourbon

you may have stolen jew brains and toupee bowel movement from me, but i still get to skype nude with rabbi marty. he can get extra naughty now that roxy isnt here to distract. I WIN GAYMON! taylor swift loved biden but she gets a pass cause shes a jew

im down to do the show again this week but i need you to bail me out of jail for my 3rd dui

where are you gaymon? why dont you sit in the chat 24 hours day to respond to my cumments? I NEED CONSTANT VALIDATION. dont make me threaten muh violence when i dont get muh way

First show was a success gaymon! good job on the audio engineering I sounded great coming from mcniggers! Remember texting is worse than driving drunk!

gaymamzer your creatard buddy polly threatened to punch me in the gut! He also wants to take my website down because i censor him too much. Im worried hes going to try to take my ci church, trump just laid me off i cant handle multiple lawsuits

You’re starting a show to siphon muh yuge fanbase? you might get a couple tards but you will never get papacuck! i had to turn off all anons because i think everyone is you gaymamzer! the earth is flat praise jeebus. your just jealous of my 2 boomer fanboys

I hopped on chatango chat from muh cb radio at 4am jewrgia time! looks like you werent there! you just arent reliable gaymon looks like your the flake. you know it was my idea to start a show and website im taking all the credit

this “news and views” site sounds a lot like “news white people can use” you will be hearing from my jewish lawyer, my jew wife gets a special discount. I have my boomer woodstock following back even though I was a total trumptard I say it was a hoax all along! I also pretend to not be a christ tard so i cant score with yentabitha! CEASE AND DESIST NEWS AND VIEWS!

How do you like sitting in the waiting room gaymamzer? my talksjew show is only for old farts like papacat that kiss my ass. I miss marty chomo he never shows up on my skype nude anymore. YOURE BANNED!!

gotta hand it to ya ya american yankee cunt, you actually went and had my website taken down. you put in the work and reported it constantly! set free old fart is good for nothin! didnt lay a finger to help me out. you exposed my listeners as old fat usless cunts! or they are too high to dget off the couch like jewghall

you really think i watch mmovies all day? I do at least 1 hour of news clips from muh bunker! I got rid of ghost wolf cause he lost a prized paperpack penguin book. he deserved it! fuck and the horse you r ode in on! drop dead gaymon!

nice site ya got here, would hang out here butt ya dont respect vet tards. shaun turdplus has a new site, he’ll thank me for muh service!

why did you kick me out bro i just wanted to hack your cumputer and start a pyramic scheme website. I swear im vegetarian now i wont sleep all day and rip beef broccoli and chicken parmesan farts. muh bad!

Just broke up with muh fat bitch, can i get a green card? got in trouble for calling trudeax a fag can i sleep on yer jizz couch and watch john wayan movies

I just happened to get rid of muh phone the day we were supposed to start a show. total cohencidence bro! you gotta get a CB radio ive been tradin intel with trucker and biker trash looks like were gonna shut the bitch down if trump dont get inaugurated! also met a fat bitch named toohot2trot! shes got 8 kids and lives in a trailer

Fat Tony has went totally insane i think im going to hang out with you gaymon. I believe in conspiracies but fat cuckold is even too kooky for me

i know it was you gaymamzer pretending to be BMN!! i saw you log in and i got a chubby because i thought you were metzgers toupee but then you teased and ran off. I almost admitted you into my secret skype session with marty chomo and papacat! you almost saw muh micropenis. YOURE BANNED

i dont know if i can work with you again if you dont like anus mc or rabbi logsden. solid bros, went to a kegger last weekend

gaymamzer did you doxx my micropenis? im never picking up your call again. i dont trust you cause your not a bible totin trumptard that eats deer meat anyways

nice site you got here bro! too bad i gotta flake on ya. you might be able to find me on cb radio if you drive down to jewrgia, cant tell you the channel though!

everybutt-y go to the trump election rally! dey stole da election! im renting a hooker hotel for 20 bucks a night with no bedsheets!

Faggot GRIDS Grindr Greggy thanks selfish asshole boomers –

Thank you, Boomers, for keeping your checkbooks, envelopes, and stamps. There are youngsters reading this site who have never written a check or put a letter in the mail…

^^^Boomers are yuge problem in Da Moobment and have too much influence. We are going nowhere until we get rid of them!

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