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  • guest_2254 : uhhh what?
  • fatkike : gaymamzer thinks all music is jewish! david lee roth rules!
  • vincent : are we still on to get a house together?
  • vinnie : turned on my cb radio but didnt hear from you
  • guest_4657 : Where duh coontent, fucktard?
  • guest_4848 : Why the fuck should anyone promote this shit site that you do absolutely nothing with?
  • guest_18 :
  • guest_311 : the only good thing about this website is that it's got a lot of White empty space to be filled in b
  • guest_311 : WTF you know about writing a book anyway?
  • guest_28 : fkn voice is sickening, does he ever stop laughing like that long enough to make a coherent sentence
  • guest_28 : trash bin that hyena cackling on the radio feed like he just got a banana up his caboose
  • guest_28 : Last time I'm perusing your shithole website and considering its potential. You can rot in the swamp
  • guest_28 : Are you tards working for the fbi or antifa?
  • guest_3039 : Gaymon gotta do shows solo since Vinnie's a lone tard
  • guest_2254 : DAYMON where the fuck you at retard mthrfk r
  • guest_5504 : lul
  • guest_2826 : gaymon stole a book from me and wont give it back!
  • guest_8373 : Hey what's up retardsghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Crew88net : Hey Tards!

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